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Fall 2020
November 2, 2020 - December 11, 2020



  1. All classes will be presented online via Zoom.  You will have the opportunity to actively participate, make comments, and ask questions.  However, you will need Wi-Fi, a computer or tablet or smart phone to participate.  Your safety is our number one priority!
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Spanish for Beginners

This class is for beginners and focuses on everyday vocabulary.  Some of the topics covered will be food, weather, clothing and shopping among others.  This class is a practical way to learn to interact in Spanish for work or for travel.
Instructor: Joanna Grollmus
Monday: 11/2 - 12/7, 9:30-11:30
0/40 Max

Economics, Finance and Current Events from the Point of View of a Conservative

This course will discuss economics, finance (both governmental and personal) and current events from the perspective of a Conservative.  All political views are welcomed and respected. 
Instructor: Leonard Goldstein
Monday: 11/2 - 12/7, 12:00-2:00
58/80 Max

Economics and the Pandemic

We will look at the economic effects that are caused by COVID19 Pandemic and attempted solutions used to help the economic recovery post Pandemic.  We will also take a look at other economic items in the news.
Instructor: Donald Kagan
Monday: 11/2 - 12/7, 2:30-4:30
0/18 Max

Introduction to Genealogy

What is genealogy and how we do it is the theme of this class.  Subjects include creating and growing family trees, finding our ancestors, building their stories, doing better searches, using free and subscription websites successfully, using DNA to help solve problems and using social media to advance our searches.  Handouts for each session will be provided (5 Weeks).
Instructor: Gary Fredericksen
Tuesday: 11/3 - 12/1, 9:30-11:30
0/20 Max

Evidence vs Emotion – A Current Events Class

This dynamic class challenges the way we shape our positions on current political, social and economic issues. We examine the objective EVIDENCE from reliable sources and observe the effect of EMOTION in reaching decisions. It's Fact vs Fiction, Head vs Heart, Data vs Opinion, Evidence vs Emotion.
Instructor: Jerry Blatt
Tuesday: 11/3 - 12/8, 12:00-2:00
46/80 Max

Great Literature

We will discuss short fiction found in The Oxford Book of American Short Stories, Second Edition, edited by Joyce Carol Oates. The text can be purchased from Amazon (ISBN: 978-0-19-974439-8).  We plan to use the text (which contains 59 stories written from the 19th to the 20th centuries) for a minimum of 1 more consecutive term starting in Fall 2020. For the first class read and be prepared to discuss Langston Hughes, “Red-Headed Baby” pp. 360-364.
Instructor: Harold Jacobs, Ph.D
Tuesday: 11/3 - 12/8, 2:30-4:30
-7/30 Max

Mr. President

MR. PRESIDENT is a history/current events class that examines the strengths and weaknesses of past presidents so we can apply lessons learned to current politics. We review the speeches, writings, personal stories and historical documents so we can judge the character and reputation of our former leaders and then ask...What If....?
Instructor: Jerry Blatt
Wednesday: 11/4 - 12/9, 12:00-2:00
61/80 Max

Art in Renaissance Italy

We will survey art historical periods from Early Renaissance to the High Renaissance.  We will examine artists from MASACCIO, Donatello to Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael.  We will review great ensembles of world-renowned art in major museums and monuments in Italy.  Presentations are augmented by audio and visual materials.
Instructor: Li Kokesh
Wednesday: 11/4 - 12/9, 2:30-4:30
29/80 Max

Short Stories

The class will read selections from:  "100 Years of the Best American Short Stories", Lorrie Moore (Editor), 2015.   It may be purchased on Amazon Books.   Hardback - ISBN 978-0-547-48585-0.  Join us to discuss some of the greatest short stories ever written.  Class members are expected to participate and to volunteer to lead a discussion.  Please read "The Enormous Radio” by Cheever, for the first class.
Instructor: Adair Fell; Nancy Dowling
Thursday: 11/5 - 12/10, 9:30-11:30
0/20 Max

Be A Better Photographer

Open to all levels of photographers. Each week, participants will have an opportunity to take and submit photos by email that encourage experimentation with composition, lighting, perspective, etc. Participants can use phones or cameras to take photos. Observers who do not wish to submit photos are also welcome to attend and learn from others.
Instructor: Marc Rosen
Thursday: 11/5 - 12/10, 10:00-11:30
10/40 Max

Controversial Issues

We will discuss and debate contemporary issues that are both controversial and familiar. Brief presentations by the facilitator and volunteers will stimulate fact-based, informative exchanges. The facilitator will ensure that all sides and viewpoints are heard and considered. (Similar classes are: Hot News/Hot Views, Global Economics, Evidence vs Emotion)
Instructor: Marc Rosen
Thursday: 11/5 - 12/10, 12:00-2:00
5/80 Max

Dark Alleys and Dangerous Blondes: A Look at Film Noir

Film Noir is a unique contribution by American films to the world catalog of the many kinds of stories told in movies. The skeptical private detective, the gorgeous woman with a past, goons & thugs who threaten both of them, a way out.  Maybe. We will see films from the classic black & white era. But there are films in this style from around the world to choose from. There are noir films in color, western noir, science fiction noir, samurai noir. We never know what lurks in the dark alleys on a rainy night.
Instructor: John Curran
Thursday: 11/5 - 12/10, 2:00-5:00
24/80 Max

Desert Flora

Spring time in the desert can be an amazing wonderland of colorful wildflowers. How are these plants able to survive in a dry, rocky environment, and still be able to burst into flower in the spring? What are some of the important desert plants and their adaptation for survival? What plants did the Cahuilla Indians used for foods and medicines?
Instructor: Larry DeBuhr, Ph.D.
Friday: 11/6 - 12/11, 9:30-11:30
38/80 Max

Irish Literature

Ireland is known as a land of storytellers. The Irish imagination has inspired great works of literary art.  There is a fascination and sense of wonderment in the poetry of Yeats that is timeless.  James Joyce has proved to be a literary giant in the modernist period. In this short course we will examine some of these literary works that have charmed the world.
Instructor: Terry Boyle, PhD
Friday: 11/6 - 12/11, 12:00-2:00
53/80 Max

Death at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have no immunity to death, dying and bereaving before the White House, in the White House, or after. Presidential families have been challenged by grieving in the public eye. This class will look at how White House families, past presidents and the nation dealt with grief.
Instructor: Harold Ivan Smith, DMIN, FT
Friday: 11/6 - 12/11, 12:00-2:00
30/40 Max