Frequently Asked Questions

There is often heavy traffic on the web at the beginning of registration. Try again in a few minutes.

You can get individual help at the public library, or, perhaps from a friend or relative. The registration process is fast and easy. It is the best way to assure you get the classes you want before they close.

Please go back into the website at as if you were registering. Check to see that there are current openings in the class you desire. If so, you can go to the class and ask the facilitator for permission to attend. If there are no openings, the class is closed and cannot be added.

We are located in the COD/PACE classrooms between Gap and Victoria's Secret on the ground floor at Westfield Shopping Mall. You can park in back of Westfield mall (parking lot entrance on Monterey Street) near World Gym. Do not park in spaces marked “World Gym.” The back door to COD (and the LIR classrooms) is between World Gym and the Security Office. You will see a wide loading driveway leading to the COD door on the right side. It is marked with a large COD sign. Enter and make an immediate left through the hallway and into the COD reception area. Turn right for the three LIR classrooms.

Yes, but you have to take the escalator next to Mrs. Field’s Cookies down to the first floor to get to the LIR classrooms which are below the food court on the first floor. Take the escalator next to Mrs. Field’s Cookies. At the bottom of the escalator, make a sharp U turn to the right and walk down the corridor to the COD reception area. Enter, turn right and proceed to the LIR classrooms. There is also an elevator next to Sears.

There is no shuttle, but you can be dropped off at the entrance to the loading dock driveway at the back entrance to COD between World Gym and the Security Office.



You are automatically added to our contact list when you register for a class at the website:

If you have not registered for a class, but would like to receive updates from LIR regarding new classes, registration dates, etc. please do the following: Go to and click on the "New To LIR Get Updates" button. Just complete the information requested.

Click on the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of a g-mail. Also, you may request to be removed from g-mail via the web “contact us” option.

To get on a wait list you must first register for an open class. Then you can click on a waitlisted class & follow the directions.

Class times, dates and class descriptions are on the webpage. Make a note of it! We are not able to give you this information at a later date. Class schedules are posted near the classroom doors when the term begins.

After you have registered, you can g-mail LIR with the changes via the “Contact Us” button. However, some classes may have already closed that you wanted to add.

You can send a message via the LIR g-mail account. All board members have access to the LIR g-mail account.

You will be notified by g-mail of registration dates, and other important information. You are automatically added to our LIR g-mail list when you register for a class.

Call Pay Pal directly for agent assistance at 1-866-837-1851 or 1-888-221-1161

Sorry, there are no refunds. However, registrants may attend any open classes for the same fee.

Possibly, depending on the class. The best way to assure you can get into the classes you want is to register for the full term online before the term begins and start attending the class when you can. While it is possible to register for classes once the term has started you run the risk of the classes you want being closed.

There is no auditorium. There is an 80 seat comfortable classroom equipped for showing movies.

Please check the course description on the webpage at