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Exciting Self-Directed Study for the Intellectually Curious

Classes designed specifically for those ages 50 and above who want to learn for the pure enjoyment of learning.

Life-long learning is a powerful and enriching process. To have the time to do so as we mature is liberating. This is the mission of LIR – Learning In Retirement.

LIR offers collaborative classes for the intellectually curious aged 50 and older. Volunteers administer and lead classes. They pursue LIR’s goals with the same energy and spirit that motivated LIR’s founders twenty years ago.

Each of the three sessions, fall, winter, and spring, has a variety of topics. Choose multiple courses of the two-hour, weekly classes for one fee per session.

Your involvement and feedback is the backbone of our program. The relaxed nature of the classes encourages interaction in the form of questions, comments and thoughts. The result is stimulating and entertaining.

Website dedicated to Dan Madick and Al Slor.

See you in class!

Our Courses

  • Art
  • History
  • Current News & Events
  • Economics
  • Literature & Poetry
  • Foreign Languages
  • And more!

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We are located in the College of the Desert Partnership and Community Education (PaCE) in Westfield shopping mall, Palm Desert

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