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Exciting Interactive Study for the Intellectually Curious

Classes designed specifically for those ages 50 and above who want to learn for the pure enjoyment of learning.

If you are looking for a place where you can:

  • Exercise your brain
  • Expand your awareness
  • Be joyfully entertained
  • Meet and share your thoughts & experiences with other interesting people…
Then take classes with Learning in Retirement (LIR)
  • You can take multiple (up to 5) courses for one modest flat fee of $60 per semester
  • Classes are two hours long, meet once a week for 6-8 weeks
  • Classes are located in the COD classrooms at Westfield Mall with free parking

LIR Fall 2019 Courses 11/4/2019-12/12/2019 - Click here to download

DayRoomTimeMax #


Class Title
MRm 19:30-11:3080Harry Nugent-PattenMusic, Noise, or a Little of Both?
MRm 29:30-11:3025SteveSpurgeonBetween The Lines (Weeks 1-4)
MCR12:00-2:0018Chris Considine Karen HarveyWriting Memories of Your Life
MRm 112:00-2:0080LeonardGoldsteinEconomics, Finance and Current Events from the Point of View of a Conservative
MRm 212:00-2:0040ReesaManningWomen's Money Matters: Financial Empowerment for Women
MCR2:30-4:3018GaryFredericksenIntroduction to Genealogy
TCR9:30-11:3016Martin FrankDivertirse y Aprender
TRm 29:30-11:3040JerrySalomonEntertainment Classics
TCR12:00-1:3016BasiaHoffmanHaving Fun in French…A Beginner's Class
TRm 112:00-2:0080JerryBlattEvidence vs Emotion
TRm 212:00-2:0040JerrySalomonOpera For All
TRm 12:30-4:5080Mario SewellGloria Reynolds Foreign Films
TRm 22:30-4:3040HalJacobsGreat Literature
WCR9:30-11:3018LilianeBazerghi-FymatFrench Conversations
WRm 210:00-11:3040AngelicaMillerAdvanced Spanish
WCR12:00-2:0018DonaldKaganEconomics in the News
WRm 112:00-2:0080LilianeBazerghi-FymatTed Talks
WRm 212:00-2:0040JerryBlattMr. President (Wks 1-3)
WCR2:30-4:3018FloraWiegersThe Brain Longevity Course
WRm 12:30-4:3080TomJonesReel History: Americans at War
WRm 22:30-4:3040MorganLevineThe Cahuilla Indians (Weeks 1-2)
ThCR9:30-11:3018Adair FellNancy DowlingShort Stories
ThRm 210:00-11:3040MarcRosenBe a Better Photographer
ThRm 112:00-2:0080MarcRosenControversial Issues
ThRm 12:30-4:5080JohnCurranFilm Noir

Testimonials From LIR Participants

As snowbirds from Chicago for many years, one of our most highly anticipated activities is our participation in various LIR classes. We can’t recommend this program more enthusiastically!
Not only does LIR offer you superb learning, but in the classes you meet some of the most personable, bright and engaging people in the desert area.
The LIR program has become a very important part of my life. I have had wonderful exposure to a world of knowledge and ideas. And indeed, my mind feels more alive and vibrant than before I started.

Our Courses

  • Art
  • History
  • Current News & Events
  • Economics
  • Literature & Poetry
  • Foreign Languages
  • And more!

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We are located in the College of the Desert Partnership and Community Education (PaCE) in Westfield shopping mall, Palm Desert

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